How important it is to certify battery packs?

Batteries used in electric vehicles must pass various reliability and safety tests. The characteristics and methods of the tests are indicated in the UNECE Regulations No. 10, No. 100 and No. 136.

ATS Group ISO 17025 accredited battery testing labs can help automotives Companies to comply with the requirements of UNECE Regulations and obtain the Type Approval of the electric vehicle (EV’s) battery pack. 

Once the Type Approval from the Authority has been obtained, the manufacturer can mass-produce and sell his product to automotive companies.

There are different types of tests:

  • Mechanical test;
  • Electrical test;
  • Environment test

The mechanical test is further divided into 5 tests:

  • Drop test: in this test the battery is freely droped on a rigid surface. This test is performed several times at various heights;
  • Penetration test: when sharp objects penetrates inside the battery and may cause electric or mechanical damage. During this test a sharp nail is intrested through cell;
  • Immersion test: when a battery is submerged or a vehicle is partially flooded. In this test the battery is immersed in water for at least 1-2 hrs;
  • Crush test: during this test the battery is compressed down to at least 85 % of it’s initial shape. That’s for simulate an accident scenario;
  • Rollover test: this test simulates a vehicle rollover in case of accident. During this test the battery pack is rotated to a complete revolution of 360 degrees.

Electrical tests are also divided into 2 test:

  • External short circuit: measures safety performance from over current protection, an external resistency is conected to the battery terminal from about 10 minutes;
  • Overcharging: evalues the functioning of battery while charging, this test control current is applied to the battery after limited range;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): EMC compliance is very important to minimize interference and potential device downtime.
Environmental tests are also divided in 2 differents test:
  • Thermal stability: evalues the thermal stability of battery under different temperatures. During this test the battery is placed in a climatic chamber where the temperature can be changed manually according to the safety standards requests;
  • Thermal shock and cycling: it determines the changes in the batteries such as expansion and contraction of the cell during sudden changes in the temperature. During this test the cell is exposed to differents temperatures at specific period of time.
ats group ev battery approval
Exploded view of Electric Vehicle’s battery pack

wy choose ats group?

ATS Group is a group of companies operating in the field
of Inspections, Certifications and Type Approvals in the Automotive sector.


type approval of whole vehicles

ATS Group, through its companies designated by e24 and e5 marks, is able to issue the type approval of complete vehicles.


type approval of vechicles parts

With the type approval Approval Authority designations (E57), (E5) and (E24) ATS Group is able to carry out approvals of components, systems and technical units of vehicles in general.



ATS Europe, as a Certification Body accredited under ISO 17021-1: 2015 as a Certification Body for Quality Management Systems under ISO 9001: 2015, has become a leading company in the field of certifications.


testing laboratories

ATS Group is also equipped with instrumentation, designed and built in such a way as to be easily transported. With this mobile equipment it is possible to carry out the approval tests at the manufacturers and / or the test centers where the type approval are carried out.


ats app

Our proprietary online platform can manage the whole approval process, fron the quotation till the direct download on the final Type Approval Certificate.


competitives prices based on market analysis

We work worldwide through our branches. A big slice of our business comes from Asia and we have a good relationship and expertise with foreign collaborators and clients.

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