laboratory tests on vehicles, components, systems and separate technical units

ATS adapts and conforms strictly to the standards of ISO 17025, and performs the tests required by the regulatory acts for which it has also been designated in the infrastructures of a manufacturer or a third party, in the field of Automotive, in order to respond in the best possible way. to the needs of manufacturers and to be more in line with what is required by the Regulations.

ATS, thanks to a network of accredited and recognized test laboratories, is able to perform reliability and homologation tests of vehicles and components, in compliance with the main national and international standards or according to specific customer requests.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the ATS Group Governance model, with a view to protecting impartiality and preventing conflicts of interest.

reliability test

ATS makes the main vehicle reliability tests available to operators in the sector, aimed at verifying their usability and improving their performance. The tests can be carried out both on prototypes and on vehicles intended for series production, and consist mainly of:

  • Reliability Tests on standardized routes;
  • Vehicle Fatigue Test on mixed routes;
  • Tests on the friction materials of braking systems;
  • Reliability and Fatigue Tests on components and structural parts.
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