Side Protection Device type approval.

The Side Protection Device (LPD) stands as a fundamental pillar in safeguarding road users, meticulously designed to prevent severe incidents such as the risk of being trapped under a vehicle.

Its structure, comprised of longitudinal elements firmly affixed to the chassis, serves as a safety anchor for anyone sharing the road space.

The ECE R73 Regulation acts as a guiding light ensuring the quality and effectiveness of LPDs. It specifically pertains to vehicles within the N2, N3, O3, and O4 categories, placing significant emphasis on the necessity for side protection devices to adhere to the highest safety standards, irrespective of their design or installation approach.

In our role as a designated Technical Service, we meticulously conduct detailed inspections on testing activities. These tests take place directly at authorized manufacturer sites or certified laboratories, ensuring every phase of the process adheres to the rigorous required standards. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and precise Final Inspection Report, followed by the issuance of the Homologation Certificate, confirming full compliance with safety requirements.

Our commitment to ensuring road safety knows no bounds. We closely collaborate with authorized manufacturer sites and accredited laboratories, ensuring that every vehicle equipped with LPDs meets the prescribed safety requirements, thereby promoting safer and protected mobility for all road users.

ATS has been designated as a Technical Service by several Authorities: the Homologation Authority of the Republic of San Marino (homologation code E57), the Swedish Transport Agency – Transportstyrelsen (homologation code E5/e5), and the National Standards Authority of Ireland (homologation code E24 / e24).

why choose ats group?

ATS Group is a group of companies operating in the field
of Inspections, Certifications and Type Approvals in the Automotive sector.

ATS Group, through its companies designated by e24 and e5 marks, is able to issue the type approval of complete vehicles.

With the type approval Approval Authority designations (E57), (E5) and (E24) ATS Group is able to carry out approvals of components, systems and technical units of vehicles in general.

ATS Europe, as a Certification Body accredited under ISO 17021-1: 2015 as a Certification Body for Quality Management Systems under ISO 9001: 2015, has become a leading company in the field of certifications.

ATS Group is also equipped with instrumentation, designed and built in such a way as to be easily transported. With this mobile equipment it is possible to carry out the approval tests at the manufacturers and / or the test centers where the type approval are carried out.


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Our proprietary online platform can manage the whole approval process, fron the quotation till the direct download on the final Type Approval Certificate.

We work worldwide through our branches. A big slice of our business comes from Asia and we have a good relationship and expertise with foreign collaborators and clients.

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