Approval of blind-spot information systems (BSIS).

Blind spot warning system provides added safety. It is designed to warn the driver about approaching vehicle in the blind spot. The warning system can be activated or deactivated from the infotainment system. When there is an approaching vehicle the right adjacent area or in the left adjacent area, the warning lamp on the corresponding ORVM icon will be turned on. 

When there is an approaching vehicle in the left or right adjacent area and you intend to change the lane by turning on the indicator the warning lamp on the corresponding ORVM will start flashing. The system alerts the driver of potentially hidden vehicles by displaying a visual signal. The tecnology is based on radar system.


The effectiveness of the BSIS shall not be adversely affected by magnetic or electrical fields. This shall be demonstrated by compliance with the technical requirements and transitional provisions of UN Regulation No. 10. The BSIS shall warn the driver, by means of an optical signal, acoustical signal, haptic signal or any combination of these signals, when the risk of a collision increases. It may be deactivated manually. 

In the case of a manual deactivation, it shall be reactivated upon each activation of the vehicle master control switch. The vehicle manufacturer shall ensure that the number of false-positive warnings due to the detection of static non-VRU objects such as cones, traffic signs, hedges and parked cars shall be minimized. However it may give an information signal when a collision is imminent. The BSIS shall automatically deactivate if it cannot operate properly due to its sensoring devices being contaminated by ice, snow, mud, dirt or similar material or due to ambient light conditions. It shall automatically reactivate when the contamination disappears and normal function has been verified.

testing procedure in accordance with unece regulation No. 151

  • The test shall be performed on a flat, dry asphalt or a concrete surface.
  • The ambient temperature shall be between 0° C and 45° C.
  • The test shall be performed under visibility conditions that allow safe driving
    at the required test speed.
  • The vehicle may be tested at any condition of load, the distribution of the mass among the axles shall be stated by the vehicle manufacturer without exceeding any of the maximum permissible mass for each axle. No alteration shall be made once the test procedure has begun. The vehicle manufacturer shall demonstrate through the use of documentation that the system works at all conditions of load.
  • The vehicle shall be tested at the tyre pressures for normal running conditions.
  • The failure warning signal shall be visible by daylight and night, and shall be easily verifiable by the driver from the driver’s seat.

conformity of production:

The Type Approval Authority which has granted the approval may at any time verify the conformity of control methods applicable to each production unit. The normal frequency of such inspections shall be once every two years.



The above approval mark affixed to a vehicle shows that the vehicle type concerned has been approved in the Republic of San Marino (E57) with regard to the BSIS pursuant to UN Regulation No. 151. The first two digits of the approval number indicate that the approval was granted in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation No. 151 in its original form.

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