ats group - the origins and development of the group

The ATS Group was founded in 2015 with the foundation of ATS San Marino, a Technical Service designated by the San Marino Homologation Authority, through which Certificates of Approval of vehicles, components, technical units and vehicle systems in general with the code (E-Mark) are issued E57, UNECE identifier for the Republic of San Marino.

Over the years, ATS San Marino has obtained accreditation by Accredia as an Inspection Body pursuant to the ISO 17020: 2012 standard, fully respecting the principles of Impartiality, Independence and Competence dictated by the standard itself.

Thanks to these characteristics ATS has become the reference point for the most important Automotive Manufacturers of Components, Vehicles, Systems and Technical Entities, satisfying all the needs of its customers with speed and competence. The ATS Group was thus able to create, in the course of a few years, a dense and consolidated network of Inspectors and Auditors subjected to continuous internal training, in order to stay up to date on all regulatory developments to best comply with all requests from customers of the group.

Since 2017, the group has begun to expand internationally thanks to the establishment of subsidiaries, namely ATS China, ATS Hong Kong, ATS Brasil, ATS India and ATS Europe.

The latter, operational since 2019, has been accredited as an Inspection Body, pursuant to ISO 17020: 2012, as a Certification Body, pursuant to ISO 17021-1: 2015 and designated Technical Service by the Authority for Approval by the Republic of San Marino [E57], by the Swedish Transport Agency – Transportstyrelsen  [E5 / e5] and technical service from the National Standards Authority of Ireland – NSAI [e24 / e24]. The ATS Group, thanks to the various accreditations, certifications and recognitions obtained, is thus able to fully satisfy all the requests of Customers and Manufacturers in the context of Inspections, Tests aimed at obtaining the Certificate of Approval and Certifications.

The partnerships that the group has formed with various Laboratories and Test Tracks in order to always guarantee, and in every part of the world, a quality and speed of service in carrying out the tests are manifold; all this only if there is the need to carry out a particular test that requires specific equipment, for which ATS Laboratory is expanding in order to cover most of the requests internally.

Finally, the ATS Group has become, over time, a point of reference for the provision of Training Courses, through the ATS Academy.