ATS Group at smart china expo 2023

Today, the inauguration ceremony of the Italian Pavilion at the Smart China Expo 2023 was held at the Yuelai International Conference and Exhibition Center in Chongqing. The exhibition space, covering 242 square meters, was jointly organized by the Italian Consulate General in Chongqing and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China. It hosts 11 of the most representative Italian businesses operating in China, showcasing the high level of technology in the Italian industry.

The event was attended by the Consul General of Italy in Chongqing, Fabio Schina, who expressed his satisfaction with Italy’s participation in this important trade fair.

Inaugurato il Padiglione Italia alla Smart China Expo 2023

“The Smart China Expo undoubtedly represents, not only for the Southwest but on a national level, a highly significant stage in the field of innovation and hi-tech, among the priority areas of Sino-Italian cooperation,” stated Schina, who took up his position in Chongqing on August 28th.

“The Smart China Expo unquestionably offers a precious opportunity to give maximum visibility to our companies already active in the Southwest or interested in exploring the opportunities offered by this dynamic region,” said Paolo Bazzoni, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, highlighting the CCIC’s commitment to promoting Italian investments in the Southwest.

Several representatives of local authorities also participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, expressing words of appreciation for Sino-Italian relations in the fields of science and technological innovation.

Automotive Technical Service: Exclusively designated by the Authority for Homologation of the Republic of San Marino, provides services to manufacturers and producers who need to homologate vehicles, components, systems, and technical entities according to all ECE Regulations and EU Regulations, in order to subsequently mass-produce their products.”

Chongqing ASK Automotive Electronics: Established in June 2021 and headquartered in the Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing, ASK manufactures speakers, cables, 4G and 5G antennas. The company’s strengths include technologically-oriented products and solutions, high expertise in the field of Radio Frequency, sensitivity, creativity, and flexibility to best meet customer needs.

Fagima: Since 1973, Fagima has been engaged in the production of machine tools. Continuous research, innovation, and cutting-edge technological expertise have enabled Fagima to design and produce machines in line with market demands. The company has a representative office in Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area since 2017.

Guala Closures: Among the global leaders in producing closures for alcoholic beverages, wines, water, beverages, and oil, with thirty facilities on six continents, the group has been active in China for over 30 years and recently decided to relocate its manufacturing plant from Beijing to Sichuan Province. The new site, which also includes an R&D center, will be fully operational in the coming months.

Chongqing Jundong Cars: Based in Chongqing, Jundong Cars is a dealership for the Maserati and Ferrari brands and is a key player in promoting Italian automotive excellence in Chongqing and the luxury sector in general.

Roboris: Founded in 2001 in Pisa, Roboris develops Eureka Virtual Machining, a suite of innovative software products for machine CNC simulation and robot simulation and programming. The company currently has a representative office in Suzhou, China.

SAMAC – Smart Automation Machinery: Since 1975, SAMAC has been a leading company in designing, building, and installing assembly and testing machines with strong expertise in various sectors, including automotive, home automation, hydraulics, outdoor applications, and more. In 2021, SAMAC established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Changzhou SAMAC Smart Automation Manufacturing, in Jiangsu Province.

SFH: A joint venture founded in June 2007 by SAIC-IVECO Commercial Vehicle Investing Co., Ltd. (SI), Fiat Powertrain Technologies Industrial (FPT Industrial), and Chongqing Machinery & Electronics (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. (CQMEG), SFH is one of the major diesel engine manufacturers in China and a pioneer in high-tech, low-emission diesel engines in the Chinese market.

STMicroelectronics: As a producer of integrated devices, STMicroelectronics designs and creates products and solutions for a more sustainable world through collaborations with over 200,000 customers and thousands of partners. STM’s technologies enable smarter mobility, more efficient energy management, and widespread implementation of the Internet of Things and connectivity technologies.

Sparkle: Founded in 2004 with headquarters in Chongqing and branches in Beijing and Milan, Sparkle operates in the field of consulting and the promotion of prominent Italian and European brands, including Piaggio.

Vimar: Vimar is one of the leading Italian players in the low-voltage electronic and electrical sector. With over 9 commercial branches worldwide, the company is a reference point for those seeking high-performance solutions, product quality, technological innovation, and design in line with current market trends. Vimar has a presence in the Chinese market with an office in Shanghai.

why choose ats group?

ATS Group is a group of companies operating in the field
of Inspections, Certifications and Type Approvals in the Automotive sector.

ATS Group, through its companies designated by e24 and e5 marks, is able to issue the type approval of complete vehicles.

With the type approval Approval Authority designations (E57), (E5) and (E24) ATS Group is able to carry out approvals of components, systems and technical units of vehicles in general.

ATS Europe, as a Certification Body accredited under ISO 17021-1: 2015 as a Certification Body for Quality Management Systems under ISO 9001: 2015, has become a leading company in the field of certifications.

ATS Group is also equipped with instrumentation, designed and built in such a way as to be easily transported. With this mobile equipment it is possible to carry out the approval tests at the manufacturers and / or the test centers where the type approval are carried out.

ats app

ats app

Our proprietary online platform can manage the whole approval process, fron the quotation till the direct download on the final Type Approval Certificate.

We work worldwide through our branches. A big slice of our business comes from Asia and we have a good relationship and expertise with foreign collaborators and clients.

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