Company profile

type approval

Technical Service and Inspection Body in the Automotive sector

industry 4.0

Issue of Conformity Certifications and Sworn Appraisals pursuant to Plan 4.0


Certification Body accredited according to ISO 17021-1: 2015


Internal Laboratory and different Partnerships with external Laboratories


Inspection Body accredited according to ISO 17020: 2012

ats academy

Training courses in various sectors, including ADR

sector and services

ATS Group is a group of companies operating in the field of Inspections, Certifications and Type Approvals.

Our companies turn, with their services, to manufacturers and producers who need to homologate Vehicles, components, systems and technical units according to all ECE Regulations and EU Regulations, in order to subsequently be able to mass-produce their products.

ATS Group commercially identifies a group of companies and more precisely consists of the companies ATS San Marino, ATS Europe, ATS India, ATS China, ATS Hong-Kong, ATS Brazil and several ATS Points, the latter in commercial partnership with local companies in a perspective of internationalization and widespread commercial presence.

ATS Group announces the release of the new corporate platform ATS APP, completely web-based, which can be consulted through any internet browser, both desktop and mobile. The platform is able to guarantee to customers and collaborators, immediacy of use and high productivity in the compilation and management of the various services.

ats strengths

mission & vision

Halve the timing for issuing approvals, tripling the number in the coming years.


Our staff brings together experts with proven experience in the automotive sector.


The dense network of collaborators and suppliers at an international level allows ATS Group to operate professionally on a global level.

continuous updating

With the new ECE Regulations. ATS Group is able to offer complete support to its customers.

ats news

Blind-spot information systems (BSIS) Regulation 151

Blind-spot information systems (BSIS) Regulation 151

Approval of blind-spot information systems (BSIS). Blind spot warning system provides added safety. It is designed to warn the driver about approaching vehicle in the blind spot.…

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

Issuance of ISO 9001 certification: As an Accredited Certification Body under the ISO 17021-1:2015 standard, we issue ISO 9001 certifications to all companies that request it. The…

Approval of seat belts (Regulation No. 16)

Approval of seat belts (Regulation No. 16)

Approval of seat belts (Regulation No. 16) The approval of Vehicle Seat Belts (UNECE Regulation No. 16) is an important process that ensures that these safety devices…


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